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Ace Kayaks
http://www.acekayak.com/ Touring kayaks produced in the U.K.

Adventures Through Kayaking
http://www.atkayaking.com/ Custom made sit-on-tops.

http://www.kayaker.com/ Plastic and composite sea kayaks, accessories, links, chat page, FAQs and more.

Bear Mountain Canoe
http://www.bearmountainboats.com/ Strip-build kayak plans.

Betsie Bay Kayaks
http://www.betsiebaykayak.com/ Lightweight touring kayaks (plywood/epoxy/fiberglass composite) and paddles. Based on original Greenland Inuit designs.

Boreal Design
http://www.borealdesign.com/english/products/index.htm Canadian producer of kayaks, paddles and various sea kayaking accessories.

Björn Thomasson Design
http://www.thomassondesign.com/doc/echoose.htm Sweedish producer of touring kayaks made of wood.

Chesapeake Light Craft
http://www.clcboats.com/ Plans and kits for wooden sea kayaks, accessories, FAQs, design information and lots more.

Cobra Kayaks
http://www.cobrakayaks.com/ Sit-on-top-kayaks and various kayak accessories.

Current Designs
http://www.cdkayak.com/ Plastic and composite kayaks, accessories. Also FAQs, development information and other resources.

http://www.dagger.com/ Sea kayaks (plastics and composites) and kayak accessories.

EasyRider Canoe & Kayak Co.
http://www.easyriderkayaks.com/ Sea kayaks (composites and royalex). Also sailing gear.

Eddyline Kayaks
http://eddyline.com/ Sea kayaks (composites), paddles and information. FAQs and construction details.

Emil Kellanders Kajakkbyggarsida
http://hem.passagen.se/emilk/kb/FRAMES.htm Swedish website. Maker of sea kayaks.

http://www.Feathercraft.com/ Skin-on-frame kayaks, accessories, message board, FAQs, dealer information and lots more.

http://www.folbot.com/ Makers of folding skin-on-frame kayaks.

http://www.surfskis.com/index.html Surf skis (sit on tops) and composite layups.

Glen-L Marine Designs
http://www.glen-l.com/ Kayak plans and kits, videos, patterns and supplies.

Grand Traverse Boatworks
http://www.gtboatworks.com/ Plans for sea kayaks.

Great Canadian Canoe Co.
http://www.greatcanadian.com/ Fiberglass kayaks.

Green Valley Boat Works
http://www.greenval.com/ Kayaks and building plans for strip-built and composite kayaks.

Guillemot Kayaks
http://www.guillemot-kayaks.com/ Plans for sea kayaks (strip-built) tips, links, FAQs, message board and lots more.

HammerHead Kayaks
http://www.hammerheadkayaks.com/ Sit-on-top kayaks and various accessories.

Heritage Kayaks
http://www.heritagekayaks.com/modelchart.htm Composite sit-on-tops.

Hydra Kayaks
http://www.rotocast.com/hydra/ Sea kayaks made of plastic.

http://www.innovakayak.com Inflatable touring kayaks and various accessories.

http://www.impexkayak.com/ Touring kayaks (composites).

Janautica Kayaks
http://www.splashdance.com/ Kayaks imported from Italy by Splashdance.

Kajak Sport
http://www.gokajaksport.com/homepage.html Sea kayaks (composites) and various kayak accessories.

Kirton Kayaks
http://www.kirton-kayaks.co.uk/ Racing and touring kayaks made of composites.

http://www.klepper-usa.com/ Producer of skin-on-frame kayaks.

Laughing Loon
http://www.shaysnet.com/~robm/ Wooden kayaks (strip-built), plans and accessories.

Lincoln Canoe and Kayak
http://www.canoesandkayaks.com/ Makers of kevlar and fiberglass composite sea kayaks.

Lost in the Woods Boatworks
http://lostinthewoods.ca/ Canadian producer of lapstrake double paddle canoes, kits and accessories.

Mariner Kayaks
http://www.marinerkayaks.com/ Kevlar and fiberglass composite kayaks. Discussions about kayak design, stolen kayak registry, FAQs, ...

Marstrands Kajaker
http://www.marstrandskajaker.se/eng.htm Swedish producer of sea kayaks (composites).

Mega Performance Kayaks
British producer of kayaks (some sea kayaks) and paddles.

http://www.SedaKayak.com/ Folding sea kayaks that Seda Products distributes in U.S. and Canada.

http://www.necky.com/ Sit on tops and composite touring sea kayaks.

Nimbus Kayaks
http://nimbuskayaks.com/ Canadian producer of sea kayaks (composites).

Nigel Dennis Kayaks (NDK)
http://www.assc.org.uk/ Composite sea kayaks that href="http://www.erols.com/rapids/GRO/"target="top">Great River Outfitters distributes in U.S.

Nomad Sea Kayaks
http://www.qbc.clic.net/~nomad/ Kayaks for self-assembly (fiberglass-reinforced plastic) and composite layups. Links, tips, information and lots more.

Northwest Kayaks Inc.
http://www.nwkayaks.com/ Sea kayaks (composites), links, dealer information.

Novus Composites Kayaks
http://www.novuscomposites.com/ Lightweight touring kayaks made of composites.

Ocean Kayak
http://www.oceankayak.com/ Sit-on-tops, accessories, links, FAQs, dealer information and lots more.

Old Town
Sit-on-tops, touring sea kayaks, accessories, information on kayak construction and lots more.

One Ocean Kayaks
http://www.oneoceankayaks.com/ Wooden strip-built kayaks, kayak plans, advice and information on strip building.

P&H Sea Kayaks
http://ourvision.com/dragonfly/necky.htm Sea kayaks (composites and plastic), accessories, links, tips, information.

http://www.seakayak.co.za/kayak_store/default.asp Sit-on-top kayaks (fiberglass, kevlar, carbon fiber and polyester) with rudders, hatches and various other options.

Phoenix Poke Boats Inc.
http://www.pokeboat.com/ Flat hull kayaks (fiberglass, nylon and plastic) with a low center of gravity.

Point 65 ° N
http://www.point65.se/default.asp?lang=2&nav=1 Swedish composite touring kayaks. Tips, news, retailers and more.

Polyform Kayaks
http://www.polyform.fr/home.html French producer of sea kayaks for beginners, day trips, expedition, marathon and fishing (composites).

Pouch Boats
http://www.pouchboats.com/ German producer of foldings kayaks.

Prijon Kayaks (distributor: WildWasser Sport USA)
http://www.wildnet.com/ Touring kayaks mode of plastic, accessories, links and more.

Pygmy Boats Inc.
http://www.pygmyboats.com/ Stitch-and-glue kayaks. Kayak kits, plans, FAQs, accessories and lots more.

Quality Composites
http://www.qualitycomposites.com/ Touring kayaks (John Winters-designed). Fiberglass and kevlar.

http://www.ozemail.com.au/~rp2/ Vinylester sea kayaks and fiberglass lay-ups.

Rainbow Kayaks
http://www.canoa.it/index_cont.php Kayaks for whitewater and sea kayaking.

Redfish Kayaks
http://www.redfishkayak.com/ Custom made wood-strip kayaks and kayak building plans.

Secret Mountain Wooden Boats
http://www.secretmtnboats.com/ Stitch-and-glue flatwater kayaks.

San Javier Kayak
http://www.woodenkayak.com/ Kits for stitch-and-glue kayak, plans and construction details.

Seavivor Folding Boats
http://www.seavivor.com/ Folding sea kayaks. Kayak gear and accessories.

Seaward Kayaks
http://seawardkayaks.com/ Sea kayaks made of kevlar, fiberglass and other composites.

Seda Kayaks
http://www.SedaKayak.com/ Sea kayaks (composites, fiberglass and plastic). Accessories.

Shearwater Boats
http://www.shearwater-boats.com/ Design and building of strip-built kayaks. Kayak accessories.

Soar Inflatables
http://www.soar1.com/ Producer of inflatable touring kayaks and various kayak accessories.

http://www.splashdance.com/ Touring kayaks made of fiberglass.

Stimson Marine
http://www.by-the-sea.com/stimsonmarine/ Plans and kits for skin-on-frame kayaks, lumber and accessories.

SurfYak Xtreme Surf Kayaks
http://www.surfyak.com/ Surfing kayaks made of wood.

Swift Canoe and Kayak
http://www.swiftcanoe.com/ Sea kayaks and various kayak accessories. Tips and discussions.

Tiki Water Sports Inc.
http://www.tikiwatersports.com/ Sea kayaks (fiberglass) and various kayak related items.

Towler's Bay 16 Touring Kayak
http://www.ans.com.au/~watersci/tb16/ Touring kayaks made of fiberglass.

http://www.grrreat.com/triak/ Dual outrigger touring kayaks for great stability.

http://www.tribalance.com/ John Winter designed touring kayaks with dual outriggers.

TwoGood Kayaks
http://www.aloha.com/~twogood/ Producers of surf skis for open water racing.

Valley Canoe Products (VCP)
http://www.rapidstyle.com/GRO/kayaks.html Kayaks that are imported into the U.S. by Great River Outfitters.

Vajda Kayaks
http://www.vajdamr.sk/ Many types of kayaks, built in Slovakia.

Vituddens Kanotvarv AB
http://www.vitudden.com/english_main.htm Touring kayaks and paddles made of composites.

Walden Sports
http://www.waldensports.com/ Recycled plastic is used for these kayaks! Also FAQs, links and accessories.

Wermlandia Kanoter
http://www.wermlandia.net/ Custom built swedish wood-strip kayaks.

Whalecraft Skin-on-frame kayaks with wooden frames.

Wilderness Systems
http://www.wildernesssystems.com/ Sea kayaks (composite and rotomolded). Gear. Also specialized kayaks.

WildWasser Sport USA (Distributor of Prijon Kayaks)
http://www.wildnet.com/ Touring kayaks (plastics), accessories and links.